Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

The christmas season is once again upon us, consisting of sweet smells of cinnamon and huddles for warmth by the fire. It's one of my favourite times of the year and although it feels so soon, I'm defiantly going to be getting into the Christmas spirit. If you're like me, you'll have left some of your Christmas shopping until December (oops) because you were convincing yourself early in November that it's, 'far too early to be present shopping'. How time flies!

Here are a few gift ideas for those of us who are stuck for ideas. This is aimed at primarily women/girls as I've only ever bought for my Dad so I'd be quite useless in the male gift criteria. Most are purse friendly or affordable.

1. Topshop Lipstick and Blush set - £12 - The ideal gift for a best friend if she's into make up and you're on a budget. I haven't actually got around to trying their make up myself but I always read positive reviews. There are two different varieties, they both feature the same peach/coral blush but with one lipstick being Wine coloured and the other being your standard blue-toned red. I'd be better at describing this if they would have actually included the product names in the description but hey ho! The only thing I don't like is the cheapy looking neon pencil case it comes in.

2. Soap and Glory Good, Butter, Best Gift Set - £8 - This set features three different body butters in Original Pink, Sweet Lime and Fruitigo. I have the Original Pink one which I really like myself, and I love their Sweet Lime scent smells amazing. Honestly, it's delicious. These are smaller tubs than normal, but it'd be great for someone who's looking to find their perfect moisturiser. It'd make a great stocking filler if you have a daughter or you're making one for a friend.

3. Snapshot 3 x 4 Frames - £10 - I love vintage photography and the magic that is a polaroid camera. Impersonating polaroids, these little magnetic frames are perfect to decorate your fridge with. I think this is a pretty neat idea and it would be perfect for somebody who enjoys Photography.

4. Hershey Chocolate Bars Hamper - £9.99 - When I saw this I thought I've got to buy that! It includes five different Hershey chocolate bars/bags enclosed in an American flag box, very fitting. It doesn't give away how big the bars actually are, but I presume they're of significant size. This is defiantly a gift for people who are too hard to buy for or chocolate addicts. I just might have to hunt this down.

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 - £37 - The Christmas gift on everybody's list this year is of course the new Naked palette featuring rose hued eyeshadows. I can't wait until I get my hands on mine as I've been interested in having more pink toned eyeshadows. Perfect for most ages as it appeals to the masses! I have the Naked 1 and use it nearly everyday and I don't doubt that it'll be the same with the Naked 3. It's currently available from House of Fraser.

6. Marc Jacobs Honey Solid Perfume Limited Edition Necklace - £30.60 - This would be a good alternative to the standard run of the mill perfume as it's a bit different in the aspect that it's in a solid form. I've never used a solid perfume but it'd be ideal for those who travel a lot as it'd be lightweight and small enough to carry in hand luggage. Marc Jacobs make beautiful perfumes (I have Dot) which I'd say appeal to young teenagers and to young adults. The idea is that you wear it around your neck, or you could simply carry it in your pocket. Marc Jacob scents tend to be quite sweet, which should appeal to most.

I hope these suggestions helped your Christmas shopper mind block. If you have any suggestions for what I can buy my mother who is a mad baker, leave a comment down below :)

Thanks for reading!

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