Friday, 12 April 2013

Rimmel London's Apocalips in Celestial: Review, Impressions and Swatch

These have been very hyped up recently here in the UK and I felt like I was the only person who hadn't given these ago so I bought one. I've joined the craze - at last! If you haven't heard about them they're really pigmented lip lacquers. 

I bought the shade Celestial, which is a mid-toned pink shade because I've recently been buying various products in shades of red and I was looking for something a bit more subtle.
However, this isn't as subtle as it looks and it's definitely brighter than it looks when on the lips and when outside in the daylight. 

It features a similar scent to the Rimmel lipsticks, which is sweetly artificial. I've read that some don't like the scent, but as artificial scents go this one doesn't leave a horrible bitter taste in the mouth.

The formula is pretty shimery and shiny, however you could blot it out. One of the negatives about this product is that I do find it a tad bit sticky, not as sticky as a lipgloss but there is that element of stickiness
I love how pigmented these are and they're defiantly worth the £5.99, which is a pretty affordable price. A postive of the product is defiantly the brush which is a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply. 
For me, it's a bit streaky when applying it, but with a few coats you'll be fine.

Overall, this is a great product if you're looking for something alternative to a lipstick or stain. It doesn't have much staying power but it does leave a slight stain to the lips. I will definitely be trying out the darker shades as I think they'd suit me more.

It is currently £4.99 at Boots and £5.99 at Superdrug. Boots also currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Make up so it's worth heading down there for value for money!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments :)

- Cora

Friday, 5 April 2013

Review: Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover

When I first heard about the concept, I just knew I had to try it. For me, nail vanish is an absolute pain to get off and can be an effort. I bought this on a whim, and I'm pretty pleased!

It claims to remove vanish in '1 second', which isn't an exact fact, it takes around 5 seconds - although it could take more depending on how much nail vanish you have on.

It does smell quite 'nice' for a nail vanish remover and is acetone free which is what I was looking for.

The 75ml bottle, which retails for £4.99 in Boots and Superdrug, has an absorbent sponge like formula. 

The process is basically this: you rotate your nail in the sponge, which absorbs your nail vanish. It takes a few rotations to get the nail vanish completely off, especially if you have glitter nail vanish on.

I've had mine for around a month and it's lasted pretty well, despite me accidently tipping it and watching the nail vanish remover spill all over the floor... oops?!

I would highly recommend this, for those like me, who find removing nail vanish tiresome. 

Feel free to leave a comment, this is my first attempt at blogging beauty reviews, so I'm pretty much have no experience at this.