Sunday, 1 September 2013

An old favourite: Urban Decay lipstick in Requiem

Hey everyone, as you may know Urban Decay have recently brought out a new line of shiny lipsticks which really excited me as I love the brand. So far none of their products I have used have disappointed me in terms of quality and pigmentation. I can't wait to eventually get my paws on some of the shades!

The new announcement of the lipsticks made me think about my good ol' Requiem which I've been neglecting through the Spring/Summer months. I've had this for around a year or two and I bought it in a discounted make up store for around a fiver, which is pretty good going. Although it may be old and an outdated formula now, I still really like it.
Requiem is a sheer dark muted red which is velvety to apply to the lips because it has a really soft texture. It doesn't have the best smell (to be honest I'm not even sure what the scent is) but it isn't horrible. What isn't pleasant however is the artificially sweet taste the scent leaves in your mouth but, this can be overlooked as I love the colour it gives to my lips. 

For me, this is sort of my, 'my lips but better colour' as my lips are medium pink in pigmentation. The wear time of this lipstick is short, especially since it's sheer to begin with, but I don't mind re-applying as it is a lovely texture. 

Last but not least: the packaging. I'm not quite sure what Urban Decay were thinking when they designed this. It's certainly unique with the little dagger and odd shape but not practical. One thing I like it the way the brand name and dagger is engraved on the lipstick itself.
I'm really glad they've re-designed their packaging, as although it is cute it is not very sophisticated.

First swatch is one layer, the second is with multiple layers. As you can see it is slightly buildable and it is a lot lighter than it appears in the tube.
Although this is probably nothing compared to the quality of the new lipsticks it is still pretty good if you're looking for an easy every day lipstick that isn't too loud and proud. If you do want to buy one of these old things you can find them on places like Amazon or a discounted make up store like I did (prices will vary).

What do you think of Urban Decay's previous line of lipsticks? If you have one of the new ones how do they compare to Mac lipsticks which are around the same price?

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