Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Bargain Buys

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. The weather here in England is currently very warm, 25°C to be exact! It's definatly starting to feel a lot more like Summer, although looking at the lack of bright colour in my wardrobe I don't feel at all 'Summer ready'. I'll have to get working on this!

I thought I'd share a few recent purchases with you guys, pocket friendly purchases to be exact.

£2.99 H&M
I'd heard a blogger mention about these, although I can't remember who as I didn't bookmark the post. All I could remember was that they were in H&M and so I popped in there and luckily found them.

They're stackable metal rings in different thickness and sizes, some sit above the knuckle and some below. The thing I like about these is that they're quite simple yet they have a twist. The idea of these is to wear them all on one hand but to me that feels a bit clumpy because of the thickness so I spread them out over two. But, for demonstration purposes I put them all on one.

These can be found on the website here. I like how affordable these rings are and I like the look of these ones here which I'll look out for next time I'm in store. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase, £3 well spent.

Around £14 in the sale - Urban Outfitters
So Urban Outfitters have a sale on, a really good sale actually. I think UO are some of the best on the high street as they do actually reduce things quite dramatically which is great for teenagers like me. 

I seen these on the website (they don't seem to be on there now) and I was doubtful that'd they would have any in store but they had quite a lot actually. They're not the ones I wanted (which were had more of a platform and seemed better quality) but they have grown on me and are comfortable to walk in. 

The sole is slightly worrying me a bit as it looks like it could ware down but I'll hope for the best. The reason I didn't get the other version was because they didn't seem to fit as well and felt lose. 

I do love the contrast though between the black and the metallic silver. They're from the brand Deena & Ozzy, I'd defiantly have a look in and see if they have any left as they're a bargain!

£5 - Asda
I was dragged to Asda the other day by my Mother and whilst milling around in the make up section I see that this had been reduced from £10 or so. I suffer from really bad dark circles and the fancy words on the box promise a solution. It is technically a concealer aimed to reduce the dark pigmentation of the under eye area through the caffeine and vitamins in it which apparently have been naturally sourced - whatever that implies.

In terms of the concealer it lightly covers up the dark circles in a creamy formula. Nowhere near the coverage of an actual  but it does do cover up fairly well. I don't find it offers me enough coverage so I do use Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer over the top.

In terms of it reducing dark circles, I haven't used it enough yet to notice an effect. I doubt it will actually make a significant difference although I've read it helps with puffy eyes - something I don't suffer with so I can't comment on unfortunately. 

I'll keep you guys informed if anything miraculous happens.

£4.99 - New Look
Recently, I've been losing and breaking my sunglasses (accidentally of course) and so I need some new pairs. I was browsing New Look and found these which are a similar style to the Ray Ban Clubmaster but of course minus the designer price tag. I really like the top heavy approach as I find it quite flattering to the face.

I really like the pattern of these - it's a floral print but it's not very obvious unless you look closely. Could you say it's abstract? I don't know but I love floral patterns so it's a win in this category also.

Major bonus is that they actually fit well! I often end up buying ones which are too lose or too tight.

And that's it for my 'mini' sort of haul! Let me know what you've bought recently this summer!

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